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Confetti Bowl - Morrissey

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This is a very versatile productions item!

Two bowls that resemble porcelain bowls, one is full to the brim with confetti the other is empty.
The confetti filled bowl is picked up and some of the confetti is blown away to show just how much there is in the bowl, The empty bowl is pick up and shown, then placed mouth down over the confetti.
A magic pass is made and the two bowls are separated to show the confetti having vanished and changed into a Live Dove!!!

If you do not have a dove you can produce two bowls of spring flowers, or fruit or silk streamers!

The bowls are approximately 8 inches in diameter and 3 ½ inches in height. Manufactured in lightweight but very strong aluminum and painted porcelain white.
From a short distance they look just like two porcelain soup bowls making for a very innocent prop.
The instructions have several ideas for use written by professional entertainer Leland Faulkner.
Add something new to your act today!!

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