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Passing thru

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Kevin Parker has released his world famous trick Passing Thru on Pubtricks.com. Quite simply this is the best coin into bottle trick there is. Others have tried to copy it but this is stunning.

You see the coin just melt through the glass bottle. Watch the real life reactions on the street as Kevin performs Passing Thru live.

You can own this tutorial video and get the same impressions within a few hours. The trick needs a gimmick and it costs almost nothing to make it. You can make it at home so you do not need a magic trick store. All you need is the video and you can impress people just like Kevin.

Kevin talks you through everything you need to know. The tutorial is over 14 minutes in length. Get this trick today, as it really is one of the best you will ever see. I expect this to be a top seller on Pubtricks.com for many years.

This trick is suitable for intermediates. 

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