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Lee Petrucci presents a great trick using cards and scrabble tiles (the popular family word game). Scrabble letters predicts the chosen cards! Just watch this trick and if you cannot figure out how to do it then simply add it to the shopping cart and within a few minutes you will have the tutorial video. This is the perfect trick to perform at a party as everyone has Scrabble!

The trick needs a few gimmicks to perform and you can make all of these at home, there is a small purchase needed for the cards, which Lee explains how he got this for just $1. You will also learn an amazing card force, which you may well have never seen before. In fact I had never see this one in all my years of magic! As with most tricks on Pubtricks.com you will also need a few house hold items to build this trick.

The entire tutorial is 21 minutes in length and the result is a truly professional trick.

This trick is suitable for intermediates.

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