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The Amazing Magic Set

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Product Omschrijving

Één prachtige goocheldoos inclusief dvd en een geïllustreerd boekje.Hieronder de Engelstalige beschrijving van de inhoud en de trucs die je kunt leren.

Learn more than 100 tricks with this Amazing Magic Set! You will be taught how to use all of the tricks included in this magic set on the Instructional Magic DVD. The DVD is loaded with over 2 hours of Amazing Magic Tricks you will learn step-by-step, including Card Tricks, Rope Magic, Money Tricks, Paper Magic, & much more! As an added bonus, the illustrated 'Easy Magic Tricks' Book will teach you over 50 tricks that you can perform using everyday objects. These tricks are easy to learn, fun to perform, and will simply amaze your friends & family!

The box measures 8.70 x 5.81 x 2.63 in. (22.10 x 14.76 x 6.68 cm)

Magic Set Includes:
Magic Ball & Vase
Vanishing Kit
Trick Deck
Flying Butterfly
Magic Cube
Gimmicks for Floating Bill
Amazing Magic Tricks Instructional DVD
& Bonus 'Easy Magic Tricks' Book

Instructional DVD Content:
Trick Deck:
Basic Routine
Intro to the Deck
Multiple Selection
4 Ace Production
Red & Black Separation
Rising Card
Pick Pocket

Vanishing Kit:
The Basics
Silk Vanish
Salt Vanish
Bill Switch

Floating Bill:
Stand Up Version
The Set Up
With a Deck of Cards
Over the Head

Magic Ball & Vase:
Basic Routine

Flying Butterfly:
Basic Routine

Magic Cube:
Basic Routine

Card Tricks with No Sleight of Hand:
Do As I Do
Out of This World
Instant Magician
You Do The Magic

Everyday Objects:
Torn & Restored Rubberband
Paper Clip & Dollar Bill
Torn & Restored Napkin
Linking Bands

French Drop
Finger Palm Vanish
Retention Vanish
Rub Away Vanish

Basic Routine
What Rope to Use?
Cut & Restored Rope (ver. 1)
Cut & Restored Rope (ver. 2)
Cut & Restored Rope (ver. 3)
Uneven Ends
Endless Loop

Torn & Restored Newspaper
Coin Fold

Forcing a Card:
Cross Cut Force
Hindu Force
Cut Deeper Force
Slip Cut Force (var. 1)
Slip Cut Force (bonus app)

Penetrating Bills
Inside Out Bill
Chango Bill

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