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Ultimate mind reading

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This trick is very special. There are very few people in the world who know the secret and we would like to keep it this way. In fact Lee Petrucci has even stumped professional magicians with this one. Because of this it is a bit more expensive than most of our other tricks to keep it exclusive. Your friends may never work out how this trick is done.

Let me get rid of any questions you may have. All of the people are genuine, they are not helping Lee. Lee cannot see the word that is written. It’s a very clean trick that anyone can master with ease. It is rare to get such an impressive trick that any one can do. I n fact even very young magicians could do this, so 10 years old to 100!

Add this trick to the cart and after payment you will get the tutorial video. You will need to make a gimmick, which can be done at home, and you can perform the trick with very little practice.

This trick is suitable for all levels.

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